Did you know that Tasmania is one of the world’s few carbon-negative destinations? Pretty cool right? As Tasmanians we’re proud of this status and know just how lucky we are to call Tassie home.

Sustainability is a way of life here in Tasmania. I mean, our electricity is green and most of our food is locally sourced. We even know our producers personally and work closely with them to ensure we can bring the best seasonal produce to your plates.

The one thing that makes Tasmania stand out in this area is our understanding that sustainability is about everyday actions and not just grand gestures.

Although we may be Hobart’s grand Lady sitting right on the waterfront, we’re also passionate about maintaining our beautiful home and doing all the little things that make a difference.

So what are the little things we’re doing that you can easily see?

  • Single-use plastics – Gone! Any packaging you may see around the Hotel is fully recyclable
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle! We’re serious about this throughout the hotel and even have split bins in our accommodation rooms to help you help us!
  • Smart elevators – going down actually puts the power back on the grid!
  • Smart heating solutions – you’ll feel rather than see that one!
  • No disposables on the banquet floor – re-use, not recycle is the motto here. All plates, cutlery, glassware, etc are washed. No additional charges for this service either – free reusables should be the standard, not the exception.

Want to learn how we can help make your event more sustainable, talk to our friendly team to find out more.